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• Helps relieve itching and burning on skin lesions.
• Useful in managing eruptions & scaling.
• Helps reduce redness & swelling.
• Effective for dryness, cracking or oozing lesions.
• Helpful in hives, ulcers & pimples.


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Adven’s Homoeo derm tablets contains well known homoeopathic medicines which are indicated for symptoms associated with skin ailments like eczema/dermatitis, urticaria/hives. Diseases affecting skin are very frequent and of various types, causes, severity and complexities. Common disorders of skin (like acne, eczema, hives, nappy rash), commonly present with itching, burning, redness, excessive dryness, eruptions (various types) which may be associated with cracks on skin, scaling, swelling, oozing etc.


Calcarea fluorica 6X : Chaps and cracks. Fissures or cracks in the palms of the hands, or hard skin. Suppurations. Indolent, fistulous ulcers, secreting thick, yellow pus. Hard, elevated edges of ulcer, surrounding skin purple and swollen. Skin harsh and dry.

Calcarea sulphurica 6X : Eczema and torpid glandular swellings. Pimples and pustules on the face. Cuts, wounds, bruises, etc, unhealthy, discharging pus; they do not heal readily. Yellow, purulent crusts or discharge. Purulent exudations in or upon the skin.  Dry eczema in children. A useful remedy to hasten healing.

Kali sulphuricum 3X : Eczema; burning, itching, papular eruption. Applicable to the later stages of inflammation. Yellow, mucous and serous discharges, profuse and intermittent. Ailments accompanied by profuse desquamation (scaling). Psoriasis.  Dandruff and scald head. Seborrhœa. Ring-worm of scalp or beard with abundant scales. Nettle-rash. Skin eruptions which are sticky, yellow and watery. Dry skin with suppression of eruptions; peeling of the skin, with or without sticky secretions.

Natrum sulphuricum 3X : Itching while undressing. For the moist eczema which oozes profusely. Wheals containing yellow, watery secretion with yellow blisters. Itching in pimples.

Arsenicum album 30X : Itching, burning, swellings; œdema, eruption, papular, dry, rough, scaly; worse cold and scratching. Malignant pustules. Ulcers with offensive discharge. Urticaria, with burning and restlessness. Psoriasis. Indicated in Dry cracked skin accompanied by bleeding with thick, silvery scales.

Rhus toxicodendron 30X : Skin red, swollen; itching intense; urticaria; cellulitis. Burning eczematous eruptions with tendency to scale formation. Humid eruptions on scalp. Indicated in Vesicles, herpes. Glands swollen.


• Itching & burning on skin lesions
• Eruptions, with or without discharge
• Inflammation with redness
• Thick silvery scaling of skin
• Excessive dryness or oozing Lesions
• Cracks and swelling
• Hives & urticaria
• Ulcers, pimples or boils
• Nappy rash
• Eczema/dermatitis
• Fistulous cracks with thick yellow pus
• Cuts, wounds or bruises
• Yellow purulent crusts or discharges
• Psoriasis
• Seborrhœa
• Ring-worm
• Itching while undressing
• Pus-filled eruptions

Expiry Date

5 Year from date of manufacture


Dry Eczema: 2 tablets twice daily.
Wet Eczema: 2 tablets once daily.
Urticaria: 2 tablets twice daily.
Infantile Eczema: 2 tablets dissolved in water on alternate day. Nappy rash: 2 tablets once daily.
Or as directed by the Physician

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Country of Origin: India

For use of registered medical practitioner and laboratory only.
This information is not intended as medical advice. Patients are strictly advised to consult a Homoeopathic physician before using any Homoeopathic medicine.


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